Fly Me To The Moon: A Theatrical Celebration of the Moon Landing Anniversary Milestone
28 March 2019

Image from the Fly Me to the Moon play - Arditodesìo | Jet Propulsion Theatre

"The play is a tribute to the fascination that we humans have felt for our nightly companion since the beginning of time and to our desire to learn, to be curious, to never stop exploring."


Fly Me To The Moon is a play by Jet Propulsion Theatre (JPT), which is a project of the Arditodesìo Theatre Company and the Laboratory for the Communication of the Physical Sciences at the University of Trento (Italy). The Jet Propulsion Theatre aims to connect science with society and communicating science through stage and storytelling methods. The international project consists of a growing network of connections and collaborations engaging Universities, Festivals and Museums, Schools, Theaters, and other cultural and scientific organizations.

Fly Me To The Moon is the story of the relationship between astronaut Adam and his wife Valentina in the shadow of the Saturn V rocket and the Apollo program. 

“It’s the story of an unbalanced love between her and him and the Moon, an all absorbing dream that, for its very utopian nature, continuously risks to become the the cause of their destruction. It is also about human ingenuity and the science that had to be developed in order to bring humans far away from the Earth. It’s about the Moon, our celestial companion, and its amazing characteristics.” - Andrea Brunello, Writer of Fly Me to the Moon.

The play is available for dissemination in both English and Italian. To learn more visit, the project’s website.


A play by Arditodesìo | Jet Propulsion Theatre

Written by Andrea Brunello

With Laura Anzani and Ettore Distasio

Direction and light design Fabrizio Visconti

Scenes Marco Muzzolon

Costumes Mirella Salvischiani

Supervision on historical and scientific matters Stefano Oss

Supervision on philosophical matters Enrico Piergiacomi

In collaboration with the Physical Science Communication Laboratory of the Physics Department of the University of Trento (Italy)

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