Kerbal Space Challenge Celebrates Moon Landing 50 with Special Challenge
14 July 2019

Screenshot from the Kerbal Space Program game. Credit: Kerbal Space Program


The Kerbal Space Challenge is an association and a group of platforms for enthusiasts of space to gather around intense challenges on the Kerbal Space Program video game. This program is organizing challenges around emblematic space missions in our solar system. To date, this includes the Viking, Venera, and Hayabusa 2 missions. The next official Challenge will focus on the Apollo 11 mission.

The 50th anniversary of the first step on the Moon is a special challenge, as this milestone was a significant moment of the 20th century. This challenge invites players to imagine the deployment of the systems and modules on the ground of our natural satellite, to form a base, and a lunar ecosystem!

The challenge will run from 16 July (marking the anniversary of the day Apollo 11 launched from Earth) until 31 August 2019. 

Visit the Kerbal Space Challenge's website to learn more.


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This website is dedicated to the IAU100's celebration of the 50th anniversary of the moon landing in July 2019.