Moon Landing 50 in Nepal
22 July 2019

Various activities are taking place in Nepal to mark the 50th anniversary of the first humans on the moon.

In Kathmandu, the Takshashila Astronomy Club observed the features on the moon on 15 July through a telescope. The Southwestern State College Astronomy And Astrophysics Club held various events on 20 July, including educational sessions, country mappers, diameter calculations, star party and more. On 16 July, the club also observed the lunar eclipse. The city's Celebration Co Ed school were also provided with lunar demonstrations and presentations. Activities were also held by the National Engineering and Astronomical Research Society in Kathmandu. 

On 19-20 July, the National Space Meet of Nepal was held by the Nepalese Space Research Association to bring together space enthusiasts and provide them a global platform where they can enrich their skills and make a career in the space sector.

On 21-22 July, the Panchakanya Secondary School aimed to familiarize students with astronomy and generating interest in younger students towards astronomy by facilitating engagement with the older students. With a similar intent, the Padmodaya Secondary School held a drawing competition to encourage students to explore astronomy. In Pokhara at the Gandaki Boarding School, a documentary show was prepared by the Gandakians Club of Astrophysics with a talk.

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