Moon Landing 50 Celebrations in Senegal
14 July 2019

Image from the lunar observations during the "On the Moon Again" event on 12 July in Dakar, Senegal. Credit: ASPA / Maram Kaïre


To celebrate the 50 anniversary of landing on the moon, the local association for the outreach of astronomy in Senegal participated with a local event "On the Moon Again" event on 12-13 July, which provided the opportunity for people to look at the Moon through a telescope. These observations took place in Dakar, the country's capital, at the "Place du Souvenir" near the sea.

On 26 July, a "Lunar Day" activity will also take place in Dakar. The event will consist of a workshop with children  that aims to explain why we see only one face of the Moon through interactive discussions and mentorship.

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This website is dedicated to the IAU100's celebration of the 50th anniversary of the moon landing in July 2019.