Moon Landing 50 Celebrations in Slovakia
17 July 2019

"Journey to the Moon" exhibitions on 16 July 16, 2019 in Košice, Slovakia. Credit: Rudolf Gális

The 50th Anniversary of the Apollo 11 Moon Landing will be marked with events throughout Slovakia. 

The “Apollo 50 – The 50th anniversary of the Moon landing” exhibition is available for the public at the Regional Observatory and Planetarium of Maximilian Hell in Žiar nad Hronom. The exhibition consists of ten panels dedicated to all Apollo missions, primarily to Apollo 11 and the first landing on the Moon. Part of the exhibition is also a 3.4 meter tall model of the Saturn V rocket (1:33 scale). The exhibition is open until the end of September 2019 but also is available online


Journey to the Moon” is another exhibition dedicated largely to the Apollo 11 mission, which is available from July 16 to September 8, 2019 for all visitors of the Slovak Technical Museum in Košice. Most of the presented showpieces come from the personal collection of exhibition author Pavol Horňak and are accompanied by attractive 3D prints (including the moon suit glove of Neil Armstrong), models (the Saturn V rocket and the landing leg of the Eagle module) and other artifacts reminiscent of this historic event.


The screening of the new documentary movie “Apollo 11” takes place on July 17, 2019 in the cinema Úsmev, Košice. The screening will be followed by a discussion "Let's try it through the Moon" to find answers to questions about how Slovaks remember July 20, 1969; what this mission meant to the world and the Americans, and whether the investment in space research pays off. Griffin Rozell (US Embassy in Slovakia) also accepted the invitation to debate.


The special lectures, discussions, planetarium shows, exhibitions dedicated to the 50th anniversary of the Moon landing joined with public observations of the night sky (and the partial Moon eclipse on July 16, 2019) are taking place on July 16-20, 2019 across Slovakia (Bratislava, Jablonec, Senec, Žilina, Kysucké Nové Mesto, Levice, Košice, etc.).

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