Win a Telescope to use for the IAU100 Moon Landing Celebration Event
28 March 2019

IAU100 winning telescope being used in Ethiopia for the 100 Hours of Astronomy global event in January 2019. Credit: Mekbeb Tamrat

We invite everyone to submit an application to win a telescope that can be used for the IAU100 moon landing celebrations event in July 2019. The telescope is a refractor Bresser 90/900 and will be delivered with a special mount, custom-made by ATM group “kijkerbouw VSRUG” (Ghent Belgium) from the project SSVI. The equipment comes complete with telescope tube, viewfinder, zenith prism, three accompanying eyepieces (10, 20 and 25mm) and a mount. This telescope can be used to observe the moon, the planets of our Solar System, some of their moons, and the most bright Messier objects (for example the Orion Nebula, globular clusters and binary stars). The telescopes are each signed by several astronauts and the president of the International Astronomical Union, Ewine van Dishoeck. Twenty telescopes are available to be won as part of the competition.

Rules and Eligibility

- Submission is open to entries from any country

- Submissions will be judged on creativity, impact, feasibility and sustainability of the project.

- The telescopes are meant for educational and outreach activities, not for individual use.

- The telescope is expected to be used to observe the Moon during the IAU100 Moon Landing Celebration on and around 20 July 2019. It is then available for use and outreach at desired by the winner.

- Only one entry per group/individual will be accepted.

- The closing date for the competition is Friday 3 May 2019 at 17:00 CET.

- Winners will be announced by late-May 2019 with distribution of the telescopes shortly thereafter. These winners will need to officially register their activity for which they will be using the telescope on the IAU100 website.

- Winning entries will be asked to provide photographs of their use of the telescope, including those taken during the IAU100 50th Anniversary of the Moon Landing event on or around 20 July.

- Winners will be sent a telescope with information about the educational value. The recipient of the telescope will be responsible for any local expenses (including customs taxes).

- The selection of the winners by the IAU100 Secretariat is final. IAU100 reserves the right to make changes to the competition at any time without prior notice, to temporarily interrupt the competition, or to cancel the competition without justifying or being in any way accountable for this decision. No damages or compensation may be claimed.

How to Participate

Submit 1 paragraph (maximum 250 words) describe how and where you would use the telescope to inspire underserved children with astronomy. Priority will be given to activities that take gender and minority populations into account and those that pay special attention to the inclusion of girls and those with disabilities in astronomy. Intended use and impact of the telescope’s impact should be clearly communicated. Show us how you intend to celebrate the 50th Anniversary of the Moon Landing with IAU100 Please also include how many children and/or teachers you aim to reach, and whether you can have technical support available to help you with the building, use and maintenance of the telescope. Send your submission through this form before 3 May 2019 at 17:00 CET.


Bethany Downer

Coordinator of the IAU100 50th Anniversary of the Moon Landing event

SSVI, Sterren Schitteren Voor Iedereen' (Stars Shine for Everyone), is a project from the Amateur Telescope Making group 'kijkerbouw' of the UGent Volkssterrenwacht Armand Pien in Belgium. The driving force behind the project is Jean-Pierre Grootaerd and its aim is to promote astronomy and space travel and the importance of proper education worldwide, especially at schools/institutes for children with disabilities or in countries in full development. For this purpose, BRESSER provides a number of 90/900 refractors per year. The Telescope Making Group 'kijkerbouw' ensures a simple but stable assembly. The project is supported by Universe Awareness, IAU, Astronomers Without Borders, in addition to various scientists and astronauts.

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