Telescope Winners Celebrate Moon Landing 50
11 July 2019

One of the winning telescopes from the Moon Landing 50 global competition in Bolivia. Credit: Gabriel Jaimes Illanes


In March 2019, applications were accepted from around the world to win one of twenty available telescopes to be used for the IAU100 moon landing anniversary celebrations event. The telescope is a refractor Bresser 90/900 that features a special mount, custom-made by ATM group “kijkerbouw VSRUG” (Ghent, Belgium) from the project SSVI. The telescope has been signed by several astronauts and the president of the IAU, Ewine van Dishoeck.


Here are how some of the winners will be using their telescopes:


The Astronomy for Youth event in Cochabamba, Bolivia will welcome teens and kids for a special presentation, observation practice and use of the telescope by various astronomy enthusiasts and educators.

On 20-21 July, an event with the theme "One Sky, One Home" will be hosted. There will be a number of lectures and talks, followed by a scientific exhibition with interesting models and experiments of physics and astronomy. It will take place in the Physics department in Misurata University.  In the evening there will be a night observation for the moon and Jupiter and some other celestial bodies using the awarded telescope.


On 20 July, the Space Generation Advisory Council of Malawi will host a get-together for space at the Polytechnic Amphitheater in Blantyre. The participants will have a chance to use the winning telescope provided from the contest.


On 12 July astrophysicists of the Institute of Theoretical Astrophysics (University of Oslo) invite passers-by to observe the Moon trough astronomical telescopes and share the wonder right in the city center of Oslo. On 12 September in Oslo, the “Apollo 11 landing 50th anniversary: Celebrating under the moonlight” event will also be hosted. This day invites everyone, young and old, to discover the Moon again through lectures by experts, outdoor cinema and observations with astronomical telescopes.

On 17 July, a presentation will be given on the arrival of humans on the moon of the importance and benefit to society of the event, after which a workshop will feature the winning telescope. The event will be attended by elementary school children and campus educators.
On 20 July, a family afternoon will be organised, including the use of the winning telescope and its objective in the education of astronomy, an audiovisual exhibition and night observations.

Puerto Rico

The celebrations will begin on 12 July at the Plaza de recreo de Humacao. Sociedad de Astronomia de Puerto Rico y Altrusa de Humacao will welcome the public to showcase and use the telescope. It will also be used to convert the light reflected from the moon into audio in real time while also displaying on a computer screen the image of the moon captured by a second refractor telescope. Accessible materials for astronomy will also be displayed.

Republic of North Macedonia
The activity "Following the steps of Galileo" will be held in the city of Strumica in the south-eastern part of Republic of North Macedonia. After an indoor program and activity we will set up the telescope and share the stellar views of Jupiter and the Moon. At the event in cooperation with the NGO "Vera" will involve children with autism and children of Roma nationality, and everyone else is welcome.



Activities will take place during the summer school in July at the Secondary School Mihai Viteazul from Boldesti Scaeni in Prahova, România. Children will learn to use the telescope from older students and will learn about the Solar System. They will imagine and plan a space mission to the Moon and back, design a rocket, an astronaut suit, and will watch educational movies, draw and paint, and more. At the end of the activities, an exhibition with the students works and photos will be displayed in an exhibition for families and friends to enjoy to which the local community and media will be invited.

Saudi Arabia
The AstroGeeks Astronomy Outreach Club will be collaborating with the Fakieh Planetarium at Jeddah city to organize a lecture on the history of the Moon landing. The event will use the WWT application inside an astronomy dome to show the visitors the locations of Apollo landings. A moon observing event will follow the lecture to help teach the attendees of the moon landing locations live through the telescope.


In line with the Nelson Mandela African Institution of Science and Technology (NM-AIST)’s MOTO, “Academia for Society and Industry”, The Nelson Mandela African Institution of Science and Technology students’ organization (NM-AIST-SO) in collaboration with Arusha Town Television (Atown TV) and the Organization for Science Education and Observatory (OSEO) will celebrate by organizing an activity for both students and the public in the Arusha region on 20 July. This event intends to raise awareness to students and the public at large about astronomical matters and practically visualize the moon landing phenomenon through Telescope observation.


Zenith Astrobooksare hosting Sidewalk Astronomy in Taichung for 5 nights in series from 10-14 July that will feature the winning telescope to observe the Moon and planets. Discussions will also introduce space exploration.

The Tunisian Association of Young Astronomers will be hosting a special event on 20 July at Dar El Madina El Mostadama, Béja. The event includes a presentation about the International Astronomical Union, a discussion of the history of the moon landing, a conference about the Universe, a special workshop for children, and observations of the moon and other planets.



Hosted at the Main Astronomical Observatory of NAS in Kiev, the telescope has been enjoyed by visitors as of 6 July. It will then be used as part of the observatory’s “Astronomy in Ukraine: from archaeoastronomy to high-energy astrophysics” conference that includes scientific discussions, excursions and observations.

United States of America
Approximately 80 girls in grades K-12 who are attending summer resident camp and day camp programs in central Florida, USA, will have the opportunity to earn their Space Science badges at Girl Scout camp. Girls who are attending overnight resident camp and those who are attending a Harry Potter themed Day Camp will attend Astronomy workshops.


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