To the Moon and Beyond – A Podcast Series from The Conversation
2 July 2019



To the Moon and Beyond is a new five-part podcast series from The Conversation exploring the past 50 years of space exploration since the 1969 moon landings and the 50 years ahead of us.


The Conversation is a global non-profit media organisation which brings academic knowledge to a wide public audience for free.


To the Moon and Beyond is hosted by Miriam Frankel, science editor at The Conversation UK, and Martin Archer, a space plasma physicist at Queen Mary University of London. They'll be hearing from academic experts around the world, from space scientists and psychologists to historians, engineers, space lawyers and futurists who study the wonders of space. Listen to the trailer here.


In the first episode, launching on 3 July, the series will begin in 1969, asking astronaut-turned-academic Bonnie J. Dunbar about what it's like being in space and what Neil Armstrong may have felt as he took that first small step for mankind. They'll talk to a space historian who was present for the NASA moon landings about why the United States suddenly stopped sending people to the moon in 1972 – and why nobody has since returned.


In future episodes, they'll discover what impact the moon landings have had on humanity and why they generated so many conspiracy theories. As a growing number of countries and private companies have started exploring the moon with robotic spacecraft and landers, and the United States and China have announced plans to put people on the moon again, they'll explore who may get there first. The podcast will also look 50 years into the future to 2069, examining plans to use the moon as a staging post for future space exploration, perhaps to Mars and beyond. 


The podcast will be accompanied by a series of articles on The Conversation marking the 50th anniversary of the moon landings written by academic experts from around the world.


Listen to To the Moon and Beyond on The Conversation, subscribe on iTunes, or listen on other podcast platforms.

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