Moon Landing 50 Celebrations in Tunisia
15 July 2019

Image from the Moon Landing 50 celebrations in Tunisia that featured one of the winning telescopes from Moon Landing 50's global telescope contest.

Credit: "Astronomy


Various activities are taking place in Tunis, Tunisia to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the moon landing. 

The Tunis Science City and the Astronomical Society of Tunisia jointly organized an astronomical evening on 16-17 July. An audience of all ages and all scientific levels was invited to participate at the Tunis Science City to enjoy a very rich program that will include observation sessions with telescopes, workshop sessions as well as conferences that was presented by Tunisian scientists specialized in the following fields: geophysics, space physics, planetary science and astrophysics.

The Tunisian Association for Young Astronomers also aim to highlight the important role of Astronomy for development, education, outreach and diplomacy. Their activity on 20 July will be held at Dar El Madina El Mostadama, Béja. The event includes a presentation about the International Astronomical Union, a discussion of the history of the moon landing, a conference about the Universe, a special workshop for children, and observations of the moon and other planets. 


In coordination with the Local Youth Councils of Omrane, the Tunisian Association of Young Astronomers also organized the "Astronomy for All" event on 13 July that sought to initiate the public's astronomical awareness by looking through a telescope after sunset to observe objects such as the Moon, major planets, and to learn about the Solar System.

These activities included the use of one of the winning telescopes from Moon Landing 50's global telescope competition. Learn more about the events being held by the winners here.

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